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Basket Bases
Made from quality plywood, each base is sanded smooth with rounded edges. An odd number of holes are drilled for easy continuous weaving. Use No. 4 round reed for the spokes. This item is also popular with teachers, since it is an easy way to introduce basketry to children.
Order Number Size Price (each) Price 12 + (each)  
BBR4 4" diameter round $0.52 $0.34

Price: $0.52

BBR5 5" diameter round $0.72 $0.48

Price: $0.72

BBR6 6" diameter round $1.00 $0.65

Price: $1.00

BBR8 8" diameter round $1.45 $0.96

Price: $1.45

BBR12 12" diameter round $2.05 $1.35

Price: $2.05

BBS4X4 4" width square $0.65 $0.42

Price: $0.65

BBH7 7"w x 8"h heart shape $1.14 $0.74

Price: $1.14

  You can mix sizes for volume discount.
Other sizes can be special ordered.

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Broom Corn
This first quality broom corn is put up in 1/2 pound bundles. Use it to make miniature brooms for "kitchen witches", regular brooms, hearth brooms and whisk brooms. It can also be used in coil basketry similar to pine needle basketry in much the same way pine needles are used.
Order No. Description Size 1-11 bundles 12+ bundles  
BCORN Regular Total Length: 22"
No Stem
$6.25 ea $4.25 ea

Price: $6.25

BCORNLS Long Stem Total Length: 34"
Stem Length: 5" - 8"
$7.25 ea $6.50 ea

Price: $7.25

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Reed Broom Stems
This product is cut from the very top of the reeds. The bristles are soft and malleable, and would make an excellent broom or decorative accent. Put in 1 lb. bundles. RBS
Order No. Description Size Price  
RBS Reed Stems Total Length: 48" $8.25

Price: $8.25

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500 Baskets: A Celebration of the Basketmakers Art

500 Baskets: A Celebration of the Basketmakers Art, by Lyn Siler
Order Number: B0005 Price: $24.95
From the best artisans in the craft comes the basketmakers dream collection! Basketmakers, collectors, students, and anyone who loves beautiful items will delight in these masterworks.

Price: $24.95

Pine Needle Raffia Basketry

Pine Needle Raffia Basketry, by Jeannie McFarland
Order Number: B0181 Price: $12.95
A complete book on how to make pine needle baskets. It shows the basic techniques as well as the more advanced projects. Easy to follow instructions with excellent diagrams and pictures.

Price: $12.95

Advanced Pattern Book for Pine Needle Raffia Basketry

Advanced Pattern Book for Pine Needle Raffia Basketry, by Jeannie McFarland
Order Number: B0240 Price: $12.95
It takes up where "Pine Needle Basketry" left off. It explains the more advanced techniques and incorporating many of the ideas and suggestions submitted by talented and interested basket makers.

Price: $12.95

Pine Needle Basketry

Pine Needle Basketry, by Judy Mallow
Order Number; B0868 Price: $14.95
This book shows how to use pine needles form the forest floor to create a finished product. Covers all aspects of creating a pine needle basket.

Price: $14.95


Basketry: 17 Great Weekend Projects, by BJ Crawford
Order Number: B0020 Price: $9.95
Discover how easy it is to dye materials and add embellishments and finishing touches. Master weaving techniques with simple instructions and step-by-step photographs.

Price: $9.95


Basic Basket Baking, By Linda Franz
Order Number: B0201 Price: $19.95
The art of basket making is described in detail for the beginning or experienced weaver. Complete with a chapter on tools and materials to get started, this easy-to-use guide explains and illustrates how to weave reed, incorporate premade handles, finish basket rims, and a host of other basket-making techniques.

Price: $19.95


Little Green Basket Book Volume 1, By Lyn Syler & Carolyn Kemp
Order Number: B0204 Price $15.00
Series of 3 books written by the famous Lyn Syler and Carolyn Kemp. Wire bound soft cover 32 pages. 4 patterns that can be altered to make a variety of baskets and are adaptable to different materials.

Price: $15.00


Little Green Basket Book Volume 2, By Lyn Syler & Carolyn Kemp
Order Number: B0205 Price $15.00
Includes how to paint paper, weaving paper successfully, and hints on technique from watercolor artist Carolyn Kemp

Price: $15.00


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